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diamond picture,Cross stitch perfect upgrade products

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Cross-stitch originated in Europe, was introduced to China in the 20 years ago, after so many years of development with Chinese characteristics, cross-stitch tend to perfect, from the material of products, form a complete set, auxiliary material, more and more close to the needs of customers, make customers more convenient, quick to complete a cross-stitch products, consumers in recent years the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more is also high to the requirement of the product, also more diversified, so diamond painting arises at the historic moment, the diamond with the visual effect of more perfect show, also get of broad consumer identity, diamond products after many generations of development, upgrade, diamond draw some inherent defects been overcome, the product is more and more mature, at the same time, the diamond pictures also get the recognition of foreign customers, and now the diamond to draw in Russia, southeast Asia and other countries and regions are sales very good, product intelligence technology to see this opportunity, determined to fully into the diamond trade, after two years of development, the company's products been recognized by many foreign customers and the growth of the business constantly, in order to meet the demand of foreign customers, the company set up professional design team, provide to figure custom.